Cruise With Me

I’m super excited. Our vacation is just around the corner. Soon Hubby, the kiddos, and I will cruise off to Alaska. We’ve never taken a cruise before and I’m looking forward to not having to cook for seven straight days. Oh, the luxury!

A girl has to accessorize on such an occasion so I made this “cruise with me” movable necklace. On the back of the pendant is a mini collage with the words “love boat”. Wishful thinking with two kiddos in our room but we’ll see. The in-laws will come along as well. Hubby’s mom grew up in Alaska and my hubby spent most of his childhood there so it will be a big treat for them to visit again.

I’ll hold back my disdain for wildlife sweatshirts (I’m sure there will be lots of those both on and off the ship) and embrace the scenery and gorge myself silly at the midnight chocolate buffet. Wish me luck!

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Emily (in Seattle)
April 30, 2009 at 5:43 pm

Jess, that pendant and video are so cool! Your trip sounds fabulous — will you be able to see the northern lights?

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