Home Printing just got Greener, Xerox ColorQube 8570

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but it looks like Xerox has been working on their solid ink technology for quite some time. And I’m finally seeing this environmentally-friendly technology now, and goodness am I impressed.

Xerox solid ink printingĀ  touts 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser printers. No longer will empty cartridges pile up along with senseless packaging. Nope, this solid ink printing technology appears to be a brick-like crayon with no packaging to hold its ink. And no longer will owners need to ante up hard-earned cash for fancy coated paper. The ColorQube 8570 appears to print beautifully on recycled paper or whatever one sends through the machine. Plus its duplex printing saves paper.

I can picture it now. Our non-profit organization, DIY Studio printing up our instructional booklets, photos, projects, class lists, and flyers. Students coping off their zines and artwork to share with the masses. All the while knowing that we are reducing waste at the source. Stop me. I think I’m in love with a machine!

Okay, we can’t afford one now…but someday it will happen!

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