Getting it Organized

The studio is actually clean-SHOCK! I can walk in without tripping over stuff and it’s great. I can find stuff and the surfaces are CLEAN! Now it’s time to get back to work.

My desk. It used to be dark laminate but I painted it country cream and painted the hutch a teal color.
I made the hutch look older by layering colors over the base coat. I was surprised how well it has held up. Paint is such a cheap and easy solution. I love how fresh it looks.

This old suitcase holds envelopes and mailing material. It’s easy to access under my desk.

My work area is covered with pictures of my family. My favorite wedding picture sits in a handmade mosaic frame right by my monitor while pictures of my kiddos are held by a metal frog that I found at a yard sale.
I like to stay organized with dollar wire bins that are decorated with ribbons.
My 30th Birthday invitation. What a great day we had!Ribbon Corner

My sweet little bunny friend. It was so easy to make. Check out instructions on Martha’s website.

Some of my jewelry supplies. Also next to the spool of chain is a four sided-soldered shaker box with images from my family members. For a jewelry display I painted a frame cream, distressed it, silver gilded it, and added muslin covered foam core. It became a great display.

I converted the closet into a work station. First I took the doors off and replaced it with curtains I made. I found the fabric on And LOVE it. I added a simple folding table that I had and then added extra lighting, shelves and cubbies to keep all my goodies in order.

Here’s a close up of my canning jars organizers. I drilled a hole in the top of the lid, drilled a hole in the shelf above and simply screwed the lid onto the shelf holding it with a bolt. It is so easy and this system really takes advantage of wasted vertical space.

Yes, I do LOVE paper. Can you tell? I know, a bit of a paper overload here. To stay organized, I made my own 12X12 paper holder by using grids I’ve had since high school. It’s the perfect size.