Tonight was our Support Hose night. I’ve been in SH for about a year now and I’m pretty much in awe after each meeting. Our group now consists of seven very strong, successful women who get together once a month to discuss “deep things” like politics, our mothers, money, body image, etc. It’s really amazing all the different points of view these women have and our past lives are as diverse as our aspirations.

As for the name Support Hose? Our group was named by our clever friend Wendy. I can’t think of a better name for a women support group, however I doubt if anyone in the group actually does wear support hose. You’d think we are 70 year old women or something.

Our topic was Myers Briggs Personality Type and how we work together. Each took the quiz and four of us were ENFJs. Now, I know that many academic types don’t really believe too much in Myer Briggs, however I think it was helpful to talk about how we communicate, think and interact with each other. This test was a fun way to talk about our differences and similarities.

Apparently ENFJs are known as the teachers/givers. We like order and organizing group activities. We like people and helping others. No wonder why this group was formed!

So we gabbed about politics first while gobbling down some homemade mac’n cheese with bacon and green onions. We also had salad, and for dessert we ate chocolate cake with mascarpone whipped icing and fresh raspberries. I really think women have it right. Wouldn’t all business meetings be better with a warm homemade meal? I surely think so! After eating we got down to business. Good food, good company, good friends. I’m so darn thankful.