Gearing up for 2014

Big Foot Craft Poster, Salem oregon

We are starting to get ready for 2014 as well as celebrate and reflect on all that DIY Studio has accomplished in the last year.¬†Since May of 2013, we’ve clocked over 2150 volunteer hours and diverted, on average, 155 pounds from the solid waste stream for each day we have been open.

Your contributions have helped us accomplish our mission by offsetting and supplementing the costs of classes and supplies and we’ve been able to offer community outreach through our various projects.¬†We are fueled 100% by volunteers who are passionate about diverting waste, making community connections, and arts education.

We’ve also found creative solutions to doing business. Did you know DIY Studio doesn’t even pay for phone service? Yep, it‚Äôs true.¬†Finding creative and affordable ways to do business is a necessity, and we are proud to be frugal.

However, some costs are unavoidable and that’s when donors like yourself help us keep doing what we love the most.  Because of generous donations we are able to see the smiles of children who take our classes and enjoy teaching them how to think like artists. We continue encouraging adults to become playful again as well as supporting and promoting local artists. By choosing DIY Studio, you are choosing to invest in your community, in the arts, and the environment. And for that, we are so very thankful!

We are an Oregon Cultural Trust participating cultural nonprofit. A gift to DIY Studio followed by a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust allows a donor to claim a tax credit. The tax deductible portion of memberships to many Oregon cultural organizations also qualifies toward the matching gift. That’s great news for both your tax credits and for our organization.

We appreciate all of your support throughout 2013 and you can continue to make a difference in 2014. To support Salem‚Äôs only Creative Reuse Center, DIY Studio, please make an online donation by clicking our donate button on the sidebar—->.
You may also mail a donation to DIY Studio, PO Box 13343, Salem, OR 97309.

Thanks for being a huge part of what we are doing at DIY Studio. We look forward to another year of providing quality arts education, reusing and waste reduction, and joyful community experiences. We wish you all the best in the New Year!


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