Gallery Wall, A Magnetic Paint Mishap

Since my kiddos have started school, I find myself bombarded with their artwork and looking for ways to display it. We had nothing on our basement walls by the stairway, so I thought that my kids’ creations might be a perfect addition. I started off by painting a handful of empty, old frames black. None of them matched so I thought black would help unify them a bit. I then tried to paint on some magnetic paint. BAD IDEA! I bought the spray on kind thinking it would be easy for the kids to change out their artwork themselves with magnets to hold the artwork in place. Well, after about 5 or so coats and several coughing and gagging fits from the fumes, the painted surface didn’t hold anything. Even strong magnets had a hard time sticking to the wall.

Needless to say, I ditched the paint and just painted over it with the wall color. I used thumbtacks to keep the artwork in place. I do wish the magnetic paint would have worked so I wouldn’t have thumbtack holes in the wall, but I’m still happy with how the project turned out. And my kids are excited that their artwork is framed and out on display. That makes me a happy mama!