Summer Nonschool

I LOVE reading other people’s blogs! If you have one, please let me know about it!

Well, after searching around a bit I came across This Vintage Chica and her post about Summer Unschooling. It sounds so very interesting! It’s really on the same lines of what I’ve been hoping for this summer. I’m not signing the kids up for classes, nope not one! We are going to have a flexible schedule where the kids can learn what they want and set up activities that are inexpensive, fun, doing things they want to do. There will be no pressure to get them dressed, fed, and then into the car each day so they can “learn”. We can “learn” right at home.

I really don’t know why parents fall into the trap of signing their children up for almost every activity out there during the summers. And somehow I feel as if I am inadequate as a parent if I don’t have my kiddos signed up for numerous activities due to the pressure of other parents. I think this is somewhat of a new phenomenon. We keep our children as busy as we are in our adult lives. From videos, to TV, to sports, clubs, and camps, our kids are functioning at breakneck speeds. Where did those lazy days of summer go when I was a kid? When we rode bikes with friends, played in the forest (this would be called hiking nowadays) and pitched tents in the backyard. It’s not like the pioneers sent their children off to sewing or hunting camp. They worked and learned from their parents. They had enough free time to be creative and enjoy the simple pleasures of live. Children were more in touch with nature and knew what it was like to make believe.

What was your most cherished summer memory? I’d love to hear what you enjoyed most as a kid.

Kudos to you Vintage Chica! Thanks for your inspiration and outlook on life!