DIY Studio Found a Home!

DIY Studio, Salem, Salem Arts Building

After a strange month of walking around asking “Are You My Mother?”, DIY Studio has found our home! We are happy to announce the historic Salem Arts Building will be the location of our creative reuse center.

Salem Arts Building, Salem oregon

Located at 155 Liberty St NE, we will be close to lots of local downtown stores, close to street-side parking and enjoy the pleasure of being in an old building with lots of history and character. The Colonial Revival style building was constructed in 1936, and was first owned by the Skiff family, a prominent family who practiced dentistry. Decades later it became Montgomery Ward and with its close proximity of the Reed Opera House, the corner became the retail center of Salem. It was actually the last Montgomery Ward to close its doors in the nation.

Michael Tevis of Intrinsic Ventures is the current owner of the Salem Arts Building. He owns several buildings on the on the West Coast and is the owner of the distinguished Ford Building in Portland. He is known as a responsible developer who respects the history of buildings and invests in the community. We are so very thankful that he has chosen to support our creative reuse center and we look forward to being a part of this exciting future. Great things are about to happen!



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