Craftophilia Craft Fair, Vendors Needed


So you’re the crafty sort and want to share your wares with Salem? We’d love to have you at Craftophilia’s Winter Craft Fair! The top 20 crafters and artisans will set up shop inside Clockworks, Saturday, November 12th to display some cutting edge, handmade fabulousness. We’ll also have a funky photo booth so you and your friends can pose and join in the fun. Be a vendor, or simply come with your best pals…because this show is going to show off Salem’s creative and quirky side. Now go spread the word!

To apply, fill out the application and read through the contract.

2 thoughts on “Craftophilia Craft Fair, Vendors Needed”

  • I live in Silverton and just came across your site via Facebook Portland NW Craft. I vend in Portland and surrounding areas because I couldn’t find any venues in my area and HERE You Are! I have a gig on 11/12 or I would apply. Next time!

    • Pam, so glad that you commented….what creative and inspiring garments you make! I look forward to following your blog and drooling over such clever clothing. We’d love to have you at a craftophilia show sometime in the future!

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