Commute Map

Illustrated Map

Mornings…ugh! It’s hard enough to pull myself out of bed at 5:30am. And now, the mornings are getting dark. But there are so many interesting things to see along my morning commute. There’s a sign that used to read “Stop global warming” that was recently removed. (I wonder if the homeowner gave up or moved?) There’s a guy that runs with a sign saying he runs for Christ. But I can never read the entire sign because I see him going 40. And now that school has almost begun, I bet I’ll see the bashful boy who likes to sing to himself crossing the street with his headphones on.

There’s a lot of beauty out there, if you look for it. Here’s my morning drive with nicely edited out bleakness. It’s done on cheap-o copy paper and anyone can make one. This is not an exercise to get everything realistic yet instead, reflect on the memorable.

Do you write or sketch? I’d love to see what your morning commute consists of. 🙂

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