Building a few House of Cards

Thanks for stopping by for another Mad Hatter Party Tutorial. Today’s project are simple house of card projects. But before you leave thinking this requires a steady hand and lots of skill, hang on a minute. This is the most easy and foolproof way to make a house of cards and you may even trick a few people in the process. This would also be a fun decoration for a game party. So let’s jump in…

Project 1 Basic House of Cards

You’ll only need a few things for the project. A flat surface, some playing cards and a low temp glue gun.

Step 1 – Add glue to the top of a card.

Step 2 – take another card and press the two tops of cards together with the glue in the middle. You’ve now made a v shape. This is base of this house project.

Step 3 – Glue the bottom of the card and an another to form a v-shape going the opposite direction. Continue with the process until your base of your house is as large as you’d like.
Step 4- Add the ceilings. Simply glue a bead of glue on the top of the cards.

Step 5- Add a card that lays horizonatly to the top of the cards.

Step 6- Keep building and gluing till your house is to your liking. How cool it looks! I wonder how many of your friends will try to knock it down? I’m displaying ours on our coffee table and I’ll see how many people I can trick!

Project 2 A New Take on the House of Cards

You’ll need the same things for the project as well as a craft knife.

Step 1- Cut out a capital letter “I” shape onto four of your cards.

Step 2- Pull back the shutters on the windows (the “I” shape) so the windows are open.

Step 3- Make a door shape in another card by cutting an upside-down “L” shape (see following picture)

Step 4- Glue together all four sides to form the base of the house.

Step 5- Add glue to the top left side of your house.

Step 6- Add a roof card to the top left side with a bit of overlap where the roof meets the wall. Do the same on the right side as well.

Step 7- Add glue to the apex of the roof and press both roof sides together.

Now your house is complete. You can add faux candles inside for a warm glow at night.

Do you have some clever playing card decorations? I’d love to see your comments!


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