ARTcade Monster Machine ready for the Discover Local Business Expo

It’s amazing what my family puts up with. Paint splatters on the floor, large pieces of equipment out on our counters and dining table, drop cloths strewn about. Our house has become a artistic laboratory. While we keep looking for that perfect location to open DIY Studio (and asking people to help fund the center (oh pretty please?)) the work still must get tackled.

When we signed up for the Discovery Local Business Expo, I knew we needed something fun to show off what DIY Studio will do for the public. For ages now I’ve wanted a vending machine to distribute art and on that fateful day when I looked for vending machines on craigslist…I knew I had found the right match.

It couldn’t be too big, heavy, or expensive and this Snack King fit the bill! ARTcade

The owner, Rodger kind of looked at me funny when I told him what I was planning. But he was very generous and showed me how to change the coin slots and kindly loaded up my car. I rushed off to the paint store for some spray paint and soon got to work.

And this is a cautionary tale too. Dear reader, it is best to do as I say and not as I do. Spray painting inside your house is not a good idea. Not matter how many drop cloths I laid out, I still had a green film (not paint but more like dry particles of paint) covering many of the surfaces of my kitchen. With green tinted socks, we went about life and I do have to say, the mess was well worth it. Drum roll please….

Art vending machine

Let me introduce you to Mr. ARTcade. Isn’t he lovely? I only wish he was a bit smaller so I could tote him around and we could hang out lots more. He is a big boy and fills up with art quite nicely.

I’ve also been busy making him some art candy. And the best thing is, everything is upcycled: dominoes, button rings, library book card note pads, plush pins DIY kits, DIY card kits, DIY house collage kits, and hair pins. Mr. ARTcade will gladly share these items with you!

So if you happen to be in Stayton on the 15th, come visit our newest member to DIY Studio, Mr. ARTcade. There will be over 100 other local businesses at the first Discover Local Business Expo from 1 to 7 p.m. Friday at Stayton Middle School, 1021 Shaff Road, Stayton. Admission is free, however Stayton Food Bank donations will be accepted.


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