All Hands On Deck

We are different. A sign on our check out counter reads…
“Be kind. We are all volunteers here.”

It is true we are all volunteers at DIY Studio. Eventually we hope to create green collar jobs, but until then, we volunteer at DIY Studio because we support its mission: “to promote creativity, community, environmental awareness, and self-sufficiency through reuse.” We all have specific reasons to volunteer. I chose to volunteer because I know Salem really needs a creative reuse center. Some volunteer to be supportive, some want to learn new job skills, and others simply like getting out of the house and being a part of something bigger. Whatever the reason, I’ve seen DIY Studio become the catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. And I’ve witnessed first hand how volunteers can help shape our city.

We’re open Thursday through Saturday, Noon until 6pm which is very manageable at this point, even without a paid staff member. However if there were more volunteers, we could be open for more days and more hours. It’s nice we have the flexibility in this organization to create our own hours and get our hands dirty to create our own systems. Although we started with a well defined vision, our volunteers can help shape programs and have a big influence on where we are going.

So if you are a big thinker, or would simply like to help welcome customers, DIY Studio has a spot for you to volunteer. Fill out our online volunteer application: and visit volunteer spot, our online volunteer scheduling tool: . We’ll contact you to see where you fit in our team! Thanks!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Mead



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