Academy Award Paint by Number Movie Posters

academy award party, paint by numberAre you planning an Academy Award party? These paint by number movie sheets would be cool decorations or simply print up and hand out as favors.

There is a black and white version that you’ll use as your canvas and the color version to use as reference. Don’t like the colors I picked? No problem, just substitute your favorite color.

These took a couple of hours to create…surely there must be a faster way to make these but please feel free to share with family and friends. That way I’ll know the hours I spent were put to good use. If you like these I will continue to make more!

Here’s the links to The Tree of Life paint by numbers:

academy award favors, activities, paint by number









Paint by number, movie poster

Here are the links to simple “The Artist” paint by numbers:



If George Clooney is more of your style check out this paint by number.

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