This tree fell last night. It was right across the street from our house and thankfully it just fell in the road and no one was hurt. Now every time we hear a crack or pop from the ice we worry about limbs falling. There are lots of old trees around our house especially on the side where my kiddos bedrooms are. So, being the paranoid mommy that I am, hubby and I moved the kids and their mattresses into the living room late last night. It was like a little slumber party with all the family sleeping on the floor. The only bummer… hubby went to work today, walking to the bus again through snow and ice….ugh! And when he got there THEN they told him it was closed till 10am. Seems like they could have notified the media about that a little earlier. But my family is safe and we have heat so it’s all good!

Also kudos to our local police. They responded very quickly with flares and cones to block off the road. Also our city sent out a crew to cut down the tree first thing this morning. With all of the down trees and accidents, I think they are doing an amazing job responding so quickly!