The horror! The horror!

I become a drill sargent. I’m not proud of it but I do. I’m not always like this, just when I need to get the kids somewhere quickly. I was rushing around the house picking up, getting the kids dressed, brushed and ready for a playdate. After asking Little Man for the umpteenth time to pick up the “froggie food” (aka beads to non five-year olds) he precariously held the beads in his hands while he danced toward the hallway. He immediately lost his footing and the hundreds of beads sprang forth into the air like popping corn, so happy to be finally free from their cramped quarters. I could feel my face grow hotter, and I suddenly became my dad who is known for his short temper. Ah but I was saved by the bell before the Hulk emerged. The doorbell rang and we we welcomed one of our friends.  Quickly I scooted the kids out the door for the playdate at the track down the road.

The beads were still on the floor when we got back. So what do I do, cry over spilled beads? Well I did let my nature get the best of me before, but the picking up process of the beads went smoothly. Here’s my little tip to share with you. When you spill something tiny and you spill them in quantity, get yourself your vacuum and a knee high or thin stocking. Slip the stocking over the vacuum nozzle and start sucking up the objects. Guide the nozzle over the place you want the beads (or over your hand) then turn off the vacuum.  You’re little objects or beads are now safely confined to their quarters. And the best part of this pick up game? Children will want to pick up themselves since operating a vacuum is such fun, at least this is true when you are five.