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Animal House Walking Tour

It’s about time I revealed something to you…I’m a geek. Yep I am. I’m curious about the world and find it interesting to research strange things. I’m also the type of person who watches a movie and notices the details. The wallpaper, the props, the 

Photo Booth Fun

The carnival was so much fun! I created this simple photo booth with a few props, a few sheets and a hula hoop. It was great fun and the kiddos seemed to love it. This photo booth idea would be a fantastic experience for a 

The Great Escape

The deep roots of yesteryear draws me closer. With the sound of crunching gravel beneath my feet I explore the beauty of the gardens. Song birds perform a chorus among the tree canopy while native blooms flaunt their vibrant hues. Here there are no pending 

A Creative Walk

My assignment for myself…while walking to pick up my daughter from school, I’ll take a picture of everything that I find beautiful. I’ll stop to examine the sky and the ground and really look at my surroundings rather than rushing by. It was a lovely