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How to Make recycled Paper (Creative Reuse Craft Night)

Nothing gets me more excited than turning trash into treasure. And we surely had fun blending up oohey, gooey pulp to make new paper from discarded paper. Thanks to Marion County for their use of the paper making kits and for the eager paper makers 

Community Craft Night, Halloween Style

My favorite holiday approaches so does the funtastic Halloween activities scheduled by Culture Shock, Salem’s most interesting motley crew of trend setters. One of the events scheduled included a community craft night where friends and families gathered to create festive paper treat cones. It was 

Tenth Day of Christmas, Paper Medallions (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to make these Paper Medallions.  These medallions could be used as ornaments, added to wrapped gifts or gift bags, used on paper banners, or simply tied around door knobs for a bit of decoration.