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Christmas Tree Reuse

Christmas Tree Reuse

Your Christmas Tree still has life in it, even after the holidays. Simply saw the bottom of your tree’s trunk and cut off 1″ disks. Here’s a few reuse ideas for cut tree medallions: Cool Coasters Next Year’s Ornaments with photos Wood burned Name Plates Cool 

DIY Simple Felt Banner II

I’ve shared this with readers of Lexoxo but realized I never shared it with you! Shame on me! So here you go friends…. Feel free to download the free pattern and instructions (PDF) here. 1. Print out the pattern and put over double folded felt 

DIY Banner

Want to get your message out? You need a banner! Sure you can buy vinyl banners, but there is something very commercial and impersonal about them. Time for a little DIY! These are the things I used to make my banner: Freezer paper Felt Acrylic 

A Mad Hatter Birthday with DIY Doily Banner Tutorial

Little Missy has one of the most difficult birthdays ever–Christmas Eve. Instead of trying to compete (yeah right) with little baby Jesus, and asking her friends to do so as well, we’ve pushed her birthday celebrations into January when there is less hustle and bustle.