Tackle it Tuesday-Shearing a Sofa

Do you have furniture that looks like this? Ours has been attacked by our cat. When we moved into our house two years ago we bought new furniture. And a month later, it was shredded. Cat scratch fever ran rampant in our household. As much as we tried to stop our cats (we had two then) from scratching, they ignored our pleas and sharpened their claws anyway.

Since we are down to one cat, the scratching is not much of an issue, but our furniture looks sad and seriously neglected. Today I had an awesome brainstorm that gave our upholstered furniture a face lift.

 Thinking that the threads looked like hairs, I thought; why not use my handheld shears to give the couch a hair cut? I bravely dragged out the cutters and turned them on. The shears happily hummed along cutting all the pulled threads. My couch and chair look amazing now. And it only took seconds and no money!

If only I could help the poor leather chairs that have been punctured by our precious pussy’s claws….I don’t think there’s anything left to help those guys other than a couple of good slip covers.

But our other upholstered furniture looks good as new (ahem…except for the other lovely treasures waiting for me under the cushions). A mother’s job is never done.