Tackle it Tuesday- Making a Canvas Banner

Posted via Jessica’s Blog: www.jessicaramey.com

Want a fun banner that will last for years to come? But you can’t paint you say? And you‚Äôre not so great at sewing? This project is easy and will add pizzazz to any party.


1. The first thing to do is measure where you want your banner hung. Think about what size you want each individual pennant and how many letters you need to spell out a word.

2. Next you’ll need to print up your lettering. Open up a word file or design file and find a fun font. I used this JFRingmaster font for a carnival look.

3. Cut out the letters.

4. Prime some canvas or buy pre-primed canvas. If you can’t find heavy artist canvas¬†purchase¬†heavy canvas drop cloths found at the hardware store. These are also great to use to make floor cloths.¬† For priming natural canvas, simply cover with a few coats of white primer or gesso.¬†Repeat and¬†prime the back.

5. Now make a template out of cardboard for your pennants. You can make triangles, scallops, circles, stars or go crazy with another design. It’s up to you!

6. Cut out your design.

7. Paint the canvas the color of your choice.

8. Using Mod Podge, glue the letters onto the painted canvas. Use a couple of coats to make sure it is sealed. For exterior use, add a couple of coats of polyurethane to make sure it holds up to foul weather. Let dry.

9. Machine sew canvas between double folded quilt binding (double folded seam binding for smaller banners).

10.  You did it! Hang up your beautiful banner for all to see.