Tackle it Tuesday- Controlling the Clutter

Posted via Jessica’s Blog www.jessicaramey.com


I can always tell by the look of my house how busy we are. When things are calm, our house looks presentable, the surfaces are clean, and chaos is under control. But more often than I’d like to admit, our house looks like the above picture. Paper, gadgets, and random crap is thrown about in drawers, closets and places like above. It’s almost as if it’s a window to my brain. If I am running around, jumping from one project to another our housework is put on the back burner. And let me tell you, it’s been a bit insane around my house with arts and craft projects, volunteer work, graphic design projects, and plain ol’ clutter.

This little nook is such a lovely addition to our house, I thought I should show it some more respect and clean it up at bit. I’m embarrassed to admit that yes, I’ve let it get bad. I actually lost (and found) 20 sterling silver necklaces that I ordered in that pile. It was about time to tackle the mound.


And here is my junk drawer. Filled to the brim with tons of junk. I found way too many broken Christmas ornament pieces that I had hoped to glue together. Did I tell you I also hate throwing things away? Really, I do have good intentions, but enough was enough. If I didn’t “miss” it, then I threw it out. I feel about 10 pounds lighter now and I can now find the tape!