South Pacific Wonderland

My friend Kim told me about Loose Ends after seeing their sale sign off of Madrona. She said it was full of handmade papers, sea shells and fun craft stuff. Well, I was very happy to check it out myself.

At first I thought it was locked. I pulled gently on the door and it didn’t open. The hours were not posted on the door either. I wasted a few minutes and then a car pulled up. I asked the driver if she worked there and she said she was the owner and happily let me in to the store after introducing me to her cute dog. I guess the door was unlocked the whole time and my weakling pull had no effect on the door. Maybe this is another sign i should start working out more?

The owner , Sandi Reinke, was super friendly and told me about the store a bit. She said they sell to set designers, party planners and decorators and that most of the things in the store and warehouse was marked down to a whopping 60%. Needless to say, my hoarding/artsy side took over.

Sandi’s staff was also very friendly and refered me to items that were similar to what I was purchasing. From branches, tins, ribbon, pictures, bamboo, and shells, Loose Ends has a collection of goodies that inspires you to creative and decorate. Walking through their warehouse was the most fun. I felt as if I was on a craft safari through the South Pacific.

Her staff member also informed me at checkout that Sandi Reinke is a frequent guest on TV shows such as the Christopher Lowell Show and Carol Duvall Show and has written a book about decorative papers.

I sighed a breath of relief after receiving my bill (gotta love a markdown like that!) and both Sandi and her staff member helped me load up my car. After a little bit of chit chat about my CRV (Sandi said she wanted to get one) I was off. I brought my kill home and I felt victorious!

Visit Loose Ends at 2065 Madrona Ave SE Salem, OR 97302 Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm & Saturdays 10am – 5pm.Just remember to pull the door hard to open!