Sewing Recyle

It is cold outside and rainy. It doesn’t feel like Spring at all here in gloomy Oregon. I needed a project to cheer me up! So yesterday I set off to Goodwill to find some materials. I decided to go to the “bins”. Have you been to one yet? At this type of Goodwill you get to search through bins and then your loot is paid for by pound. It’s such an interesting place. Some pro scroungers have gloves on and some have carts of books and scan each with some type of gadget to find it’s worth. And then there is the mass riot of people running with elbows out whenever a new bin (full of never been picked through stuff) gets out on the floor.

But you can find some incredible deals! Have I told you about the time I got huge stack of old music sheets for only 50 cents! I can most always find something to repurpose there. I came home a happy shopper. I found some cute old sheets and some glassware that I can make some pedestals out of.

With one of the sheets I made this dress for Little Missy. I loved the spring colors and it was so darn simple! I found my instructions at Mama’s Doodles. I made the sleeves a bit too big so I took them in a bit. And since I wasn’t working from a pillowcase, and instead I used a sheet, I made french seems up the sides so everything looks nice and tidy inside the dress as well. I added some ribbon and rickrack to the bottom and saved some extra ribbons for Little Missy’s hair. LOVE IT and she loves it too!