Salem CSA

Sometimes you run across an idea that seems so magical that you want to tell everyone about it. This is one of those times. Have you heard about the Salem CSA project yet? Have I cornered you in the hallway or recited my elevator speech yet? I’m sorry if I have already. But if I haven’t told you, lean in. It’s something good!

Community Supported Agriculture has been around for awhile now. It’s a fun way to connect local farmers with local supporters and it’s helped boost the local economy, nourished bodies, and made farming possible for many dreamers. I recall my first CSA share. Oohing and ahhing over the delicious bounty, and feeling pretty dang amazing knowing I was helping out a local farmer.

So when Jason and I stumbled upon this idea to do something similar with art we were beside ourselves. We wanted to start the next day. But like those smart farmers, we knew we’d have to till the earth, sew the seeds and watch our plans grow.

So we started a little program called Salem Community Arts&Culture (ahem, sounds a bit like agriculture right?) aka Salem CSA. We’ve paid three artists already and sold a couple of dozen shares and we hope to soon add another participating artist once we hit 30 shares sold. And if we hit 40 shares sold, I’ll make something to add to the share too.

So this is how it works. We sell 50 shares for $150 each. We pay five artists. Shareholders come to an epic, exclusive party at Gaiety Hollow to pick up their five pieces of art and connect with the artists. We invest in our art community in Salem and we grow. We do it again for another season and we watch how art nourishes the soul and helps build community.

Does this sound good to you? Then join the fun and purchase a share before they get scooped up. Watch something small grow to something big. Support the artists making the art like you always said you’d do. Guilt-free, organic, local goodness is for the taking. Support the Salem CSA today!

Salem CSA, Community Supported Arts&Culture

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