My First Feature and Feeling the Love!

I’m an Etsy addict now. I check it daily if not by the minute and look at my stats, look who’s been looking at my stuff, and snoop around figuring who these people are and why they “heart” my work. Even my hubby asks me daily how things are going at Etsy. The intrigue continues.

Yesterday, I was looking at my views of my  items at my Etsy shop and found one item had reached 1000 views! Shock and totally disbelief overtook me. So I did some more investigating.  Apparently someone from the Etsy team featured my “Sweet Goodbyes” pendant in an online article Keep it Weird: Think Inside the Box. How friggin’ cool is that! I LOVE that my stuff is under the category, “weird”.  So true! I do love all that is quirky, odd and strange. Seems to me, little life’s moments are more special when they are “weird”.

And then Shannon at I Heart Vegan Accessories contacted me and asked if she could feature my jewelry on her online blog. Well, my chest is just swelling with love for those who think my stuff is “weird” enough or special enough to get featured. My heart grew three sizes today.  I feel like Sally Field, “You like me, you really like me!”