Moments of Stupidity

It was a crazy week. Somehow on Thursday I managed to delete over half of my pictures of 2006-2008 off my external hard drive. I looked everywhere for them but they were no where to be found. I downloaded one program that was a demo and could recover some of them at a hefty fee. Then I downloaded a freeware program where I could recover the same amount of pictures for FREE! Good thing, because I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to fix my mistake. The sad part is that I could only recover some pictures and was unable to view/open over half of the deleted files. I guess I’ll learn my lesson and be more careful next time.

So…I was updating my website this weekend and what do I do? I delete my blog files. You’d think I’d learn. I WAS trying to clean up and organize my public file BUT instead forgot that my sub domain and blog files were on there too. I had forgotten since I never place files on there through FTP and only use blogger to add the files. Silly me!!! So this week, I’ll spend my time uploading (again) the old pictures to my blog since I was so foolish.

I guess this is what happens when I’m stressed out. See, I’ve been trying to get ready for a studio sale coming up in November (once I set the date I’ll notify you of course). I’ve been so busy trying to watch the kiddos and keep them busy, keep up on the house chores, and make art, I’m just about brain dead. I guess multitasking comes with a steep price tag.