Merry Christmas

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas/holiday. Was Santa good to you?

Goodness, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit how much I adore my present. I really shouldn’t love a “thing” this much. Okay don’t laugh at me (I know you will anyway). I got a killer Eleuke, an electric ukulele. I know, what you’re thinking…I’m nuts, but really I’m not. This little ukulele is amazing. It can sound like a guitar and has a warm sound. It plays like a dream and makes me so very happy to sing along and jam with the family.

I have dreams of being brave enough for a backyard concert with the guys. I’m really not a performer. I was the kid who HATED reading out loud in school because I would get so darn nervous, face red, hand sweaty, stumbling over words, it just wasn’t pretty. I tried singing for the band last year and got so nervous my 7 year old kiddo came up to support me at the mic. But the excitement of playing this uke makes me feel like a rock star, a feeling money can’t buy.

Here’s a clip of the Eleuke in action, note the player is much more skilled than I.

What thing did you do or receive this Christmas knocked your socks off?