Make it Monday- End of the Year Teacher Gift

I always rack my brain for ideas to thank teachers. Nothing ever seems enough and so many years we have been blessed with stellar teachers. This year I decided to make this “teacher” necklace to thank my daughter’s first grade teacher. The teacher has been such a wonderful influence for my daughter who thinks that Mrs. Henneke is the best ever. I happen to agree!

When I was brainstorming of what makes teachers so special, I thought of all the wonderful traits I’ve seen in my teachers. It’s often not the test scores or academics that separate my past good teachers from my great teachers. For me it’s always been the hope and guidance that my teachers have shown me. Helping kids realize that through hard work they can achieve their dreams, teachers become wish granters. This necklace is my little way of honors this special bond.   

Thank you teachers for touching and inspiring so many young lives!