Little Missy’s Bird Nest

Today was crazy hair day at school. We were told to not let our kiddos wear coustums, however they could make their hair crazy, as long as it wasn’t too distracting. Well, being the Halloween-loving mom that I am, Little Missy and I came up with this bird’s nest idea. Yes, it was somewhat distracting, but really fun too! So we pushed the envelope a bit. Now what’s kindergarten without a Halloween or harvest party? Come on! No parade of costumes (or hair), no snacks (her teacher doesn’t allow snack in the classroom at all) and no games. How depressing!

Cake that Little Missy won from the Cake Walk at Church. She was so proud!

Even our church had a harvest festival…a church! If schools can’t celebrate any holiday, isn’t that going to the extreme? It reminds me of those “love sees no color” shirts of the 80s. I thought those were horrible to begin with (even as a kid) since yes, we should see color and we should CELEBRATE it! It it’s not good enough to tolerate differences, we should embrace them. I’d rather schools celebrate and talk about ALL holidays since they are a part of one’s culture AND CELEBRATE these things that make us so unique.