Ahh, it was rewarding¬† junking yesterday. My friend Cheryl and I hit the thrift shops looking for deals. Here’s what I came home with….

I LOVE these wooden letters. I actually purchased these from TinkersShop to use in some mixed media collages. Very cool, nice colors and have a nice worn feeling.

This purse is cute! It has a nice black and white houndstooth pattern inside and is made by Liz Co. I think I’ll use it often. As for the billiard balls, I’ll use these for robots. Until then I’ve added them to my wooden bowl of old colorful blocks as a display on my coffee table.

These little wooden blocks are so cute. They will make a lovely addition to some of my mixed media projects.

These vintage sequins from TinkersShop will be cool to embellish some fancy pants. Wouldn’t it be a fun girlfriend party to embellish some pretty, frilly panties with these too?

I’m not a knitter but these looked too cool to pass by. The eyelet trim will be used for wrapping gifts, collage and sewing projects.

I actually think this lamp is UGLY, however I like the ornate details and shape. “So why did you buy it?” you ask. Well, have a little secret to share. I’m going to make a studio in my garage and I’ll need lighting. I got this lamp for only $4 and I think after it gets a little face lift (I’ll share her transformation later) she’ll add much needed light to my garage…err studio. “Why are you moving your studio from the basement?” you ask? (Gosh you are full of good questions today!) I want to move to a bigger space so I can start teaching workshops in a bigger space, with all supplies in one area. I’ll keep you updated on the status!

Buttons purchased from TinkersShop will make awesome supplies for handmade button rings.

This adorable cuckoo clock will be added to a mixed media art piece (stay tuned).

Awesome type keys from an old typewriter.

So those are my treasures. What are some of your favorite finds from thrift stores? Do you have any favorite places to junk in Salem Oregon? I’m all ears! Please leave comments below!