We are a family without a sled. It’s sad but true and after watching other kids walk (read slide) down our street pulling sleds behind them, I wondered what we could use instead of running out and purchasing one. It’s been such a mess on the roads I haven’t wanted to venture out and possibly risk our lives just to get a sled (love the dramatics, don’t you?). So we took out our baking sheets. Sure the other kids thought we were a bit strange but hey those suckers practically flew. I even hopped on one and raced Little Missy a couple of times. And boy do I have an aversion to sleds. I once dislocated my knee sledding and really don’t like feeling out of control. But since this wasn’t a sled at all I bravely (with my heart beating) went up the hill, sat on the metal tray, hugged my knees (to keep them safe) and away I flew. I guess sometimes it is fun to let it all go and risk it. I came back in one piece and my kiddos had a wonderful time.