Heeeere’s Johnny, a bit of cabin fever

Feeling a bit of cabin fever with this insane arctic weather. The romance has warn off. The kids have not had school for a week due to snow and ice and they are now in their winter break which means two more weeks of keeping them busy and me sane. Not that my kids drive me crazy…well most of the time they don’t. There’s just something about being stuck home and doing the very repetitious routines that mommies do (make beds, pick up the pillow from the couch, wipe bottoms, pick up the toys from the floor, cook, clean, do laundry, pick up more stuff off the floor, and then do it all over again) that makes me just a bit grumpy and nutty. That combined with not hanging out with my friends gives me that kooky Shinning feeling.

The ice has taken down a bunch of branches last night from this wacko tree in our neighbors yard. The silly thing losses it’s leaves in the Spring. So with the ice storm many of it’s branches were broken and it just missed Hubby’s car. One branch has broken but not fallen yet since it’s supported by other limbs and is very close to our power lines. Who do you call to come fix something like that? The power company?

Thank goodness we stocked up on groceries yesterday for Christmas! It was the first time in a while that we ventured out of the house. Now the cupboards and fridge is full with all of those holiday ingredients that make the season so special. I find cooking to be one of the best cures for feeling a bit under the weather. The hardest part is not consuming it all! So far we’ve made from scratch, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses, prime rib, garlic mashers, corn chowder, buttermilk biscuits, split pea soup, chocolate cream pie and plenty of tummy warming beverages after playing in the snow. Next to come is baklava and chocolate truffles…yummy! Wish my luck with my baking rampage!