Today I’ve been busy making my friends gifts for Valentines Day. Many of my friends are on diets so I knew I didn’t want to make something edible. So instead I made some cute heart pillows. Since I still haven’t unpacked everything from our move, I couldn’t find any of the velvet fabric I had in mind for the project. However I came up with an idea that turned out beautifully. I’ve been saving a red wool sweater that had been through the wash and shrunk. I had hoped to make something out of it, and in my brainstorm, I thought the sweater material would be perfect for the project. Red, fuzzy, and soft, it made amazing heart pillows. I added beads, buttons, ribbon, cording, and tags for personality. Let me know what you think!

You too can create a heart pillow. Use any fabric you wish (even an old sweater) and cut out a heart shape. Then sew it up, right sides together, leaving a few inches on one end to stuff. Turn the heart right side out, stuff and hand-sew up the rest. Then embellish away with ribbon, lace, buttons, game pieces, tags, beads and more.