Gout, Gout, Let It All Out


Poor hubby woke up Father’s day with a horrible pain in his foot…so horrible he one, complained about it (he NEVER complains) and two, he  had a really hard time walking. We went to his parent’s house for a barbecue and his family took a look. His Aunt, Mom, and Grandma all diagnosed him with gout.

Sure his family has a long history of gout, but really? Both hubby and I are only 31! Do young people really get this thing? And I also thought gout was caused by seafood gorging drunkards, I guess that’s not the case either.  We headed to the doctor the first thing in the morning just to be sure.

The good ol’ doctor gave the same diagnoses, he indeed had “Rich Man’s Disease.” Too bad the saying is not true–we’ve been waiting for the riches to come falling from the sky but to no avail.

And we’ve been given a list of things to not eat and things to eat. Cherries are one of the things that have been touted as a sort of a cure so hubby had been drinking cherry juice as well as eating the in-season fruit (thank God for that).

Well I’m happy to say today is the first day that hubby can walk without a limp. We really missed him and it’s good to see him back to normal. Now, we just need to find a place to plant a little cherry tree. Is it too mean to make him dig the hole himself? COME ON, I´M TALKING TO YOU, COME ON