Fun Projects to Entertain the Kids

The kids are home and I’m trying my hardest to keep them busy. It’s not the projects but the memory’s and thoughtfulness that’s important this season. Working with crafts helps your child express their creativity, gives you an outlet to communicate with your kiddo, and reminds us of the importance of giving. Here are some of the projects we are working on.

instructions for marble magnets

Marble Magnets are super easy to make with kids. This project I shared with 58 first graders at my daughter’s school.  I made little kits to make it easy for the kids and also made little fabric gift bags so the project was ready to be given as gifts to parents.

I was amazed at how cute these turned out and the kids had lots of fun searching for the perfect pictures for their marbles. They also make gift tags as well. Click on the link to find handwritten step by steps with pictures.


Gingerbread houses are super fun to make with your kiddos and to make it less intimidating, make them out of graham crackers.

Head over to ehow and see the step by step directions.

We received this sweet gift for Christmas from NW Kid Chaser.  The birds love it and my kids really enjoy bird watching.  Thanks NW Kid Chaser for the inspiration and instuctions!

Another alternative is to string up canberries and popcorn to add to an outdoor tree. We also collected pine cones, spread peanut butter on it and dipped it in bird seed to hang on our outdoor tree.  And the most fun part was watching the birds nibble at their yummy treats.

frames These photo frames were a cinch to decorate. I had the kids cut out pictures from hubby’s magazines. My only instructions to them was to only cut out things Dad likes. We simply used plain frames from the craft store (99cents!) and glue to decoupage our images on. What Dad (grandparent, mom, aunt, uncle) wouldn’t want these adorable frames adorning their work desks? Love it!

Have fun with your kiddos this holiday break!