Footloose Action

Hubby had not seen the movie Footloose yet so last night we stayed up despite daylight savings and watched it. It’s really fun to watch movies from the 80’s. I was only six when the movie came out yet, I can still remember most of the lyrics from the songs. Sing along with me… Loose, footloose, Kick off your Sunday shoes, Please, Louise, Pull me offa my knees.

What I didn’t remember was the hideous way the ending dance scene was shot in. Brightly colored lights adorned the corners of the frames along with light strands and lots of confetti. Thought it was funny so I made a Photoshop action (free download on to share with you just in case you also want to turn your photos into some 80 era gems.
I’m using a picture of Erick and Kevin, two people who I truly admire on the dance floor. I sure hope they don’t mind the 80’s flair 🙂