Fancy Nancy Party

Saturday was Little Missy’s Fancy Nancy Party. The girls had a blast and I had lots of fun decorating as well. We had pb&j sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters, grapes, pink lemonade, and parfaits with lots of sprinkles to choose from. I also made some homemade peanut butter sauce and hot fudge. The girls had fun putting on lip gloss and body glitter and we painted our nails as well. We also read a Fancy Nancy Book and then practiced walking with bananas on our head since a book won’t stay with Tiaras on. The girls were fabulous and really acted the part drinking with pinkies up and acting very fancy! look at those pinkies!
the girls looking fabulous!

bonjour banner that I made of paper and ribbon scraps
More “fancy decor”. I decorated the shelves of the hutch by cutting crepe paper.

An unused boa (it was too itchy, my daughter insisted)
became an easy decoration when combined with silver ball ornaments and a glittered star. Little Missy blowing out her candles on her parfait.