It’s a lazy day. Our three-day heatwave of 100 degree weather has now been replaced with rain and storms. My daughter’s tennis lessons were canceled, so we’ve been doing some art projects and basically hanging out.

I’m enjoying my laid back day when I heard the bang of my mailbox. The mailman delivered the mail and I went directly to get it. I still love getting the mail and feel like a kid waiting for a surprise every time I check it. Usually it’s chalked full of catalogs, bills, and the occasional magazine, but today I got a check from cafepress. I haven’t checked my account there for months since I posted the four Barack Obama designs I made. So I was really surprised to see that things were selling. I know I’m not getting rich selling each for around $3 profit, but I’m quite giddy knowing that people out there are wearing my “obama mama” shirts. I was even able to check and see who purchased the items and from what state. From coast to coast women are wearing them! It’s so totally cool! Check them out now.