Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

I’ve never stopped playing. Some play sports and get a rush, for some it’s coffee (although somedays that’s nice too), but I get my high creating and playing. Creating brings so much joy in my life, I just can’t stop.

Yesterday I had fun playing with buttons. I love the look of cool fabric covered buttons and yesterday I made my own. I had lots of help from my kiddos who encouraged me to use green fabric because it was Little Man’s favorite color, or red polka dots since it matched Little Missy’s dress that day.

But the problem always comes up when I’ve created all these wonderful items and they are laying around the house. My hubby is a saint. He understands my need to create and puts up with the aftershock. The messy house, the scattered material of discards from projects long past, and the multiples of creations that have no home. They don’t call me Jess the Mess for no reason. And some day, I’ll find the time to actually put it up on Etsy and sell them. At least that’s what I tell myself. So my question is when does your outlet become your addiction? Gosh I’m a sicko…I really should post my stuff on Etsy RIGHT NOW….or maybe a coffee sounds good? Always chasing the dragon.