Published via Jessica’s Blog: Northwest Nest

I remember him as a baby. Born early he was constantly sleepy and didn’t want to eat. I held him and looked at his little wrinkled body. I thought he would never get used to nursing, but he did.

When he was one he didn’t talk much. We urged him to speak more and worried he would get lost in our very verbal home of communicators. It took him awhile, but he got it. Now he talks non-stop!

Our Little Man has always been a late bloomer. If you’ve ever read the book Leo the Late Bloomer, than you know our son. He is delightful to be around, goofy, lovable, with enthusiasm for the world around him. But he ALWAYS does things on his own schedule, in his own time. And typically being a “type A” personality, I’m prodding him to do things quicker, neater, and more efficiently. Sometimes I sound more like a Drill Sargent than a mommy.

This week was his time to graduate from preschool. I kept waiting for him to drag his feet and not want to move on. But he’s grown leaps and bounds from that tiny little baby I held in my arms almost 5 years ago. When asked if he would like to go to preschool for the very last day, he said he was ready for Kindergarten. I picked my jaw up off the floor. He WAS ready. I however am the one in tears thinking of how my sweet little boy is no longer a baby, toddler, or preschooler. All that energy I’ve spent waiting and watching and urging him to grow faster, I now long for him to be tiny once more. For now he has become a full fledged boy.