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Radioactive Rocks

Some of you know that I’ve been busy with a side project of producing a theatrical, post-apoc radio show, Radioactive Report. Well up to now it’s been a podcast but we are hoping to change all of that. After a fantastic training at KMUZ, our 

Shh, don’t tell anyone but Salem is beautiful

While walking downtown with my friend, we discovered a few things about Salem, Number One: It’s weird! I spied a man dressed in a three-piece suit coming out of his car. Surely that is not unusual, however in his car were numerous stuffed fish pillows. 

Carnival Time, Free Photoshop Brushes

Ah, it’s carnival time! Can you smell the popcorn? Hear the Wurlitzer organ playing, or taste the sweetness of cotton candy melting on the tip of your tongue? I’m a very lucky girl who is putting together a creative photo booth for the guests. I’m