I’m a reasonably good driver. I’ve had one ticket which I got when I was 17 and haven’t had any real accidents to speak of (knock on wood). So I was taken aback when the crossing guard was pointing at me when I got ready to drive after stopping at the four way intersection. I didn’t see any children in the area so I could only assume that it had to do with my driving. The next day came and I made sure I came to a full stop at the white line, then inched out to go and he pointed at me again. Ugh! What did I do wrong I was wondering. And why was this old guy picking on me?

It bothered me so much I talked to my hubby about it. He too had an incident the week before with a person who wagged their finger at him in the library parking garage. At the time I told him to shake it off, yet when the crossing guard kept pointing at me, I totally understood where my hubby was coming from. It was darn irritating! Even my three year old son told me with his fists hitting the snack counter to give emphasis to each word “It’s very, very rude to point”.

So it was bugging me. My six-year old told me to “just ignore him”. Oh my sweet little peacemaker. How I love it when my children are so willing to give their advice. And I was again thinking about it when I couldn’t get back to sleep after waking up at 3am to deal with my son. But then a thought came to me….what if one of my headlights was out? It could just be that!

The next morning I checked the headlights of my car and low and behold…my right headlight was out!!! It wasn’t my fault, or my crazy driving. The crossing guard wasn’t being a jerk, just a nice man pointing out something wrong. Shame on me thinking something negative! I’m a silly, silly girl!