Needing Inspiration for Gifts this Season? I have Answers!

Finding the perfect gift is hard work. First you really have to know the person’s likes and dislikes. Then you have to battle the crowed stores to buy a gift that millions of people already own and probably don’t even use. These gifts are impersonal and often don’t stand out from the crowd. There’s got to be a better way right?

There is! You can make handmade gifts, make it personal and heartfelt all while saving a bundle. Take the commercialism out of the holidays and make it the DIY way!

So this is my challenge to you my friend. If you can’t come up with a gift to make for someone, simply put in a comment below. Give me a few details about the gift recipient and I’ll list three different projects that you can simply make out of materials that are easy to find and affordable. I might even give you an example of a handmade gift that you can simply purchase on Etsy. Either way it’s a win, win for you!

I’m daring you to stump me. It’s a double dog dare! Game on!