Desk Redue


If you know me at all, I love repurposing things! This desk has been in my life for twenty years now and who knows how old it is? My mom and I picked it out at a garage sale when I was in jr. high. We bought it for $10 and slapped a new coat of white paint on it.  At this desk I would put on makeup, talk on the phone with boys (mostly talk on the phone with girls talking about guys), and it served as a place to do my homework. Later when I was in collage I used it as a vanity with a cute, velcro skirt sewed on to it. And when I had kids it worked great as a baby changing station ( I sewed a velcro fabric skirt on it with a fabric top). When the kids were no longer babies, we turned it back into a desk and painted it with a stain on top to mimic our dark wood bookcases.We also took out a drawer to fit our computer tower into it.

Now the desk has found a home in my daughters room. She’s at just the right age for a desk since she loves writing and drawing.  It was a bit dark so I decided on another face lift…this time I turned to decoupage. I took old sheet music and scrapbook paper and decoupaged it to the front of the drawers. It’s now fun and funky and totally personalized to my pink loving daughter. What do you think?

Also the chair we found at a garage sale for $7! The lady I bought it from told me it used to be her grandmothers.  We recovered it and it fits so nicely in Little Missy’s Room. I smile to think that hopefully, it too will last for generations to come.