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Haunted Salem Zine

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Haunted Salem Zine. I’ve done the dirty work for you. Visiting haunted sites, taking creepy pictures and getting goose bumps. Now the Haunted Salem Zine is complete and ready for your viewing 

Simply Soldering Workshop

It was a drippy Sunday in Oregon but that didn’t put a damper on our spirits. A group of creative ladies came to the art studio to polish their soldering skills. Some have soldered before and for others it was their first time. We talked 

Meet Sally My Soldering Iron

I’m getting ready to teach my first ever soldering workshop, tomorrow. Such a thrill. I’ve soldered since the birth of my first born when we relocated to Prineville Oregon, a little town smack dap in the middle of Oregon. We didn’t know a soul there 

Earring Making Birthday Party and Camera Mishap

Another awesome birthday party at DIY Studio. My friend Angela set up this birthday party for her 8th grade niece and her friends. I greet them at the door, put down my camera to shake hands, and the next thing I know my camera throws 

Made the News

Hi Everyone! I’m a bit giddy right now so I’m asking you to join me in a little celebration/ promotion of a project I’ve been working on. If you haven’t read your copy of Salem Weekly yet, flip to page 14 or visit http://willamettelive.com/story/Salem_steps_into_the_zine_scene121.html for 

Discover Collage, Zine Now Available

Check out my latest zine…a tutorial style zine about Collage. This zine will give you a crash course in basic design and will help you develop a collage making process that is digestible and delicious. Think of this zine as a recipe for making art. 

Discover Zines – Free Zine Download

Discover Zines – Free Zine Download

Announcing a newly published zine, Discover Zines pdf. Some highlights include: So What’s a Zine? Why Make a Zine History of Zines Zinesters So you Wanna be a Zinester? Step-by-step directions for making Zines I’ll be also be sure to share the community zine Aug 4th. 

Zinesters Unite- Salemites Forced into Submissions

Zinesters Unite- Salemites Forced into Submissions

Last night I harassed numerous artwalk participants to be a part of Salem’s Community Zine. Many people declined, however many, many people participated…87 people to be exact! Most people have never heard of a zine and were a bit skeptical of it’s strange magical powers,