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12 days of Reuse

12 days of Reuse

The first time I created a 12 days of Christmas series was in 2010, and this year I was lucky enough to create the series again for Marion County to promote reuse and waste reduction during the holidays. I produced 12 videos and shared them 

Creative Reuse Center in Salem Oregon

Hey you crafty folks out there! Have you been to a creative reuse center before? Instead of throwing out or recycling waste, creative reuse centers use those materials to create art and upcycled projects. Creative reuse centers also become community centers where people come together 

Travel the Trail

Technology, isn’t it amazing? Flashback White knuckles at the Apple IIe, I feverishly push the up, down and over keys to point my trigger. A bunny is hoping from the right and a deer is coming at me at 10 o’clock. I go for the 

Sharing the Love of Crafting with you this Valentine’s Day

Finally finished with my first stop motion animation as well as my first song ever. This took a while for me to put together…almost 400 frames as well as photoshop work but it was fun. I made the puppet from the same process as I’ve 

Eleventh Day of Christmas, Hand painted Ceramics (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

My apologies about being late and LAME. Being sick has really taken me by surprise and I’m sorry that I didn’t get this out sooner. Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to paint ceramics using Pebeo paints, paints that cure 

Ninth Day of Christmas, Silver Magnet Board Set (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to make this Silver Magnet Board and Magnet Set. By using a silver tray, cookie sheet, or decorative tin tray, you can create beautiful magnet boards to display notes and pictures. Also learn how 

Upcycle a Sweater into a Hat and Mitten Set (DIY Studio’s 12 Days of Christmas)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this simple sweater hat and mittens set. Many thanks to Little Missy who was not only my model but also my camera woman for this tutorial. You don’t need to go out and buy a 

Second Day of Christmas- Lightbulb Terrarium

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this crafty fabulous Lightbulb Terrarium tutorial. Add living plants or fake greenery like I did in the tutorial. Or you can simply add water and a single flower to use the lightbulb as a vase. 

On the First Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me….

A Produce Bag Cute as Can Be! Kicking off the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this simple produce bag tutorial. If you already have scarves laying around your house, perfect! If not look for old curtain sheers, shirts, nightgowns, or other fabric 

12 Days of Christmas, DIY crafting for the holidays

It’s already the first of Christmas and you still have a few perfect gifts to find? Well, don’t you worry your pretty head! I’ve got just the thing for you. 12 days of Christmas DIY projects that are sure to please. Now’s the time for 

Vendor Client Relationships

I LOVE this clip! Too bad this happens so often. You’d think people would know better by now! Produced by Scofield Editorial, Inc. Casting Agency: Artistic Enterprises Casting Director: Michelle Moore Video Store Customer: David Meek Video Store Clerk: Nick Kcrek Restaurant Customer (Male): Andy 

Treat Your Mother Right- Mr T style

This has got to be the funniest clip I’ve seen in a long time. I just wonder who produced this? Was it an after school special of some sort?

Letting Go

I’m usually the person embracing change. That’s why I’m not sure why I’m so teary eyed watching this video clip of my daughter when she was in preschool. Her teacher was Teacher Judy who is such a gifted teacher that taught our children with warmth