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As Random as Snow in February

Today was our first snow day…well two hours late at least. So we played outside in our almost an inch dusting. We had a micro snowball fight as well as built a small snowman. Little Man had no school, however Little Missy went later in 

Snowball Fight

Growing up in Maine I had lots of fun in the snow. We’d even check out cross country skis from school for some weekend fun. Blizzards, sparkling trees, and awesome snow forts are a large part of my childhood memories. I also have memories of 

Heeeere’s Johnny, a bit of cabin fever

Feeling a bit of cabin fever with this insane arctic weather. The romance has warn off. The kids have not had school for a week due to snow and ice and they are now in their winter break which means two more weeks of keeping 


We are a family without a sled. It’s sad but true and after watching other kids walk (read slide) down our street pulling sleds behind them, I wondered what we could use instead of running out and purchasing one. It’s been such a mess on