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Adult Surprise Party with a Cinco de Mayo flare

I love parties especially a party for a truly special birthday girl. Let me introduce you to my dearest friend, Sarah. She’s the friend that everyone leans on for support. The friend that is always willing to give, listen, work, wait on, and well simply 

Academy Award Paint by Number Movie Posters

Are you planning an Academy Award party? These paint by number movie sheets would be cool decorations or simply print up and hand out as favors. There is a black and white version that you’ll use as your canvas and the color version to use 

Sassy Soccer

Sometimes status quo is not good enough. Sure your team could look like every other team out there. Same uniform, same cleats, same socks. Or you can add some sass. And there is no better team building exercise than getting a bunch of 8-year-old girls 

DIY Simple Felt Banner II

I’ve shared this with readers of Lexoxo but realized I never shared it with you! Shame on me! So here you go friends…. Feel free to download the free pattern and instructions (PDF) here. 1. Print out the pattern and put over double folded felt 

DIY Banner

Want to get your message out? You need a banner! Sure you can buy vinyl banners, but there is something very commercial and impersonal about them. Time for a little DIY! These are the things I used to make my banner: Freezer paper Felt Acrylic 

Tie Dye Party

Long gone are the over the top birthday parties inviting friends and family and more friends and family. Nope, this momma is pooped! So this year we decided to have a very quiet and still meaningful birthday celebration for our 6 year old! For our 

Valentine Fun- an After Work Craft Party

Themed parties are always fun, especially when celebrated with a lively group of women. I had a hoot with this bunch last time for holiday craft night, making ornaments and rings. And they returned to the studio again for charm bracelets and glitzy magnet making. 

Ceramic Painting Party

You’d think 15 fourth graders in a studio would be crazy and insane right? Well I have to say I was so very impressed with this bunch of courteous, kind, and helpful girls! Their mommas should feel very proud! One girl, Meg kept asking, “What 

Earring Making Birthday Party and Camera Mishap

Another awesome birthday party at DIY Studio. My friend Angela set up this birthday party for her 8th grade niece and her friends. I greet them at the door, put down my camera to shake hands, and the next thing I know my camera throws 

Fairy Art Party

I had such a fun time with this set of girls. The birthday girl loves Fairies and Art so we decided to combine the two for this fun filled birthday party. First I kicked off the party by painting each girl’s face with the item 

A Magical Birthday, an Adventure in Wonderland

Mad Hatter Hats The party kicked off inside the DIY Studio. First the girls each drank a “drink me” bottled juice so they could fit inside the studio. Then the girls got to work making mini top hats. They learned how to use a glue 

Advice from a Caterpillar, a Mad Hatter Craft

The Caterpillar and Alice looked at each other for some time in silence: at last the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth, and addressed her in a languid, sleepy voice. `Who are YOU?’ said the Caterpillar. This was not an encouraging opening for 

Building a few House of Cards

Thanks for stopping by for another Mad Hatter Party Tutorial. Today’s project are simple house of card projects. But before you leave thinking this requires a steady hand and lots of skill, hang on a minute. This is the most easy and foolproof way to 

A Mad Hatter Birthday with DIY Doily Banner Tutorial

Little Missy has one of the most difficult birthdays ever–Christmas Eve. Instead of trying to compete (yeah right) with little baby Jesus, and asking her friends to do so as well, we’ve pushed her birthday celebrations into January when there is less hustle and bustle.