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Goonies Never Say Die

 The statement is true..and Goonies don’t forget either. That’s why I set my kiddos down to watch the adventure unfold. They huddled together like little puppies, heads pressed together and blankets firmly grasped while the Goonies sought out the treasure of One-Eye Willie. They squealed when I 

Academy Award Paint by Number Movie Posters

Are you planning an Academy Award party? These paint by number movie sheets would be cool decorations or simply print up and hand out as favors. There is a black and white version that you’ll use as your canvas and the color version to use 

Animal House Walking Tour

It’s about time I revealed something to you…I’m a geek. Yep I am. I’m curious about the world and find it interesting to research strange things. I’m also the type of person who watches a movie and notices the details. The wallpaper, the props, the